What happens at a Lions Quest teacher accreditation workshop?

Teachers attend a Lions Quest workshop

The one-day Lions Quest accreditation workshop immerses participants in the principles, processes and content of the Skills for Growing and Skills for Adolescence programs. The training can focus on Skills for Growing (F– 5) or Skills for Adolescence (6-8) or can be delivered as a combination workshop which covers F-8, while individual participants focus on the year level of their choice.

The busy day models a variety of classroom strategies and provides opportunities for participants to experience a range of program components. Participants work in groups to:

  • examine elements of best practice to create and maintain a positive and supportive learning community;
  • review the Lions Quest curriculum materials;
  • plan and present sample program activities;
  • consider classroom and/or school-wide implementation.

“How can a school community best support the social and emotional development of respectful, responsible and resilient learners?” is the central question which is considered and revisited throughout the day. 

After spending some time planning their school or classroom implementation, participants leave the training day with a clear idea of what they will do first.

Why is it necessary to attend a workshop in order to buy the resources?

The provision of teacher training is regarded as best practise in the SEL arena.

“CASEL SELect programs* are well-designed classroom-based programs that target all five areas of social and emotional competence, provide opportunities for practice, and offer multi-year programming; offer training and other implementation support, including initial training and ongoing support to ensure high-quality implementation; and are evidence-based with at least one carefully conducted evaluation that included a comparison group and pre and post measures that documented a positive impact on academic performance or other important student behaviors … “ (Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning [CASEL] 20133.)
* Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence is a CASEL SELect program.

Where are the workshops held?

Accreditation workshops are scheduled in major centres when there is a core interest group, or for individual schools or school districts upon request. Some workshops are conducted in schools, others in community venues or education centres.

‘Open’ workshops are open to teachers from many schools as well as Lions and sometimes community members. ‘School based’ workshops are scheduled at the request of an individual school, or group of schools.

The workshop generally runs during school hours (9am to 3.30pm) however we’re happy to negotiate flexible delivery to suit your school’s needs. Morning tea and lunch are provided and special dietary requirements are catered for.

How much does it cost to attend a workshop?

Workshop costs can vary depending on whether grant funds are available in your area. The usual cost of a curriculum pack is $99 and the fee to attend an ‘Open’ workshop is $180 – a total of $279 for the training and one year-level pack. The cost of a ‘school-based’ workshop is negotiated depending on the school’s venue, catering and curriculum pack requirements.

What about funding assistance?

We encourage schools to approach their local Lions Club and request assistance with meeting the cost of teacher training, and we provide a sample letter for this.

Sometimes Lions Clubs International Foundation grant funds reduce the cost of teacher training in a particular area.

Please contact us for further details about Lions Quest one-day accreditation workshops.


3. Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL). 2013 CASEL Guide: effective social and emotional learning programs, p16.