Fresh Faced Friday is the foundations positive body image and self esteem campaign. It encourages us to support each other to be who WE want to be judgment free, and to become aware of how we speak, think, and feel about ourselves.

This year our event pack included a fantastic new key activity “Reframe Your Thinking’. Each school and Lions group who registered to run an event received a pack of activity sheets which invited them to:

  • Write down the negatives they find themselves thinking, saying or feeling, or things around them that impact of how they feel about their body image and self esteem
  • These negatives were then cut free as the young people cut out a template which then, with a few simple folds, becomes a fantastic picture frame
  • They then create a positive body image and self esteem message and ‘reframe their thinking’ in the folded frame

The back of each frame also contains information on body image and has tips for keeping a healthy sense of self.

Events packs went out across the country with some schools joining us for the 5th year in a row like Grace Lutheran College, QLD pictured here. Under the supervision of school Chaplin Rosie, students like Lydia and Lucy, engaged in a fantastic event.

We had Fresh Faced Friday last Friday 6th Sep and it was a great success. I promoted FFF all week during our chapel and notices time, challenging the girls to be fresh faced all week and the boys to have no hair gel in their hair. On Friday, I had a big dispenser of strawberry iced tea and the students could come at lunch for a free cup if they were fresh faced and hair-gel free that day. We also had the frames and positive messages to construct as well as a chill zone with music. We went through 40 frames and 150 cups of iced tea! Thanks for your great initiative for our students. We look forward to your campaign next year.” Rosie, School Chaplin

Although the 2019 campaign day was on the 6th September we still invite schools to order an event pack and run an event at a time that suits – as every day is a good day to feel good about who we are!

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