ALDAF Chairmens DenAs part of our continuing effort to be at the leading edge of information provided around the country as well as stakeholder groups, we are delighted with the launch in this edition of our new brochures.

The seven latest brochures cover a wide range of important messages, not only for distribution Australia wide but this important information is also requested by our overseas partners.

A huge thank you to all who were involved with the development of these brochures, ALDAF Team and Drug Education Network.

Our reports from our Consultants appear in this publication. Please take the time to read.

I would like to bring to your attention a very special message from our friends and partners at “Foundation for Alcohol Research an Education”.

Australia’s role in the global governance of alcohol.

Alcohol is a global health issue yet is the great exception among problematic psychoactive substances in not being covered by any public health-oriented international drug control conventions.

Urgent action is needed by governments to control the marketing, labelling and availability of alcohol given the growing evidence about the burden of disease and premature mortality associated with alcohol use.

Our Foundation Directors and Consultants will meet in November to discuss all aspects of our business and ways that we can improve the Foundations Network.

This will be led by our Ambassador Andrew Fuller and we will report on the outcome in the very near future.

To our Members and Stakeholders, please check the order form in our publication. We are ready to receive orders now on our new and exciting brochures.

Lion David Daniels – Chairman

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