After many, many months of work the Foundation is absolutely delighted to launch a new set of seven brochures covering many topics and all containing right up to date information. It is sad to see our previous set now finish but these new ones are really well produced and full of most interesting information. They are fresh and clear and in bright colours.

We have fact brochures on Cannabis, Alcohol and Nicotine that give simply the facts for people to read and make up their own minds on the drugs.

We have a brochure that will help you talk to young people and older ones about alcohol and other drugs. It is not always easy to broach such subjects and this brochure will help you.

Our very popular brochure for parents and young people on how to have a safe but great party is back with lots of new information.

And, finishing out the set, are two brochures to help anyone. Firstly to have a good look at yourself and see how you are doing health wise. The second one will help you handle the situation if you are worried about someone’s alcohol or other drug use.

All of these are now available from the Foundation at a cost of $40 per 100 which includes postage and GST. You may mix these brochures to get the 100 order requirement.

The Foundation is very grateful for the many hours that our TINO Consultant, Lynsey McLeod, and the Drug Education Network in Hobart, put in to get these brochures up and running. There were others that assisted and the Foundation thanks them as well.

We do hope that you find these useful.

You can purchase these now through our resources shop – click here to see the full set

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