Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 12.51.22 pmThe Smarter About Drugs conversation pack is a partnership initiative between Australia21 and Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation designed to help educators facilitate intelligent discussions among students about drug and alcohol issues. The questions and activities included in the resource introduce students to the topic, enabling them to speak openly about drugs and alcohol in their peer groups.

Its introductory nature makes it a complementary resource to more intensive skills-based drug education resources such as the Victorian Government’s Get Ready suite of resources. What is unique about Smarter About Drugs is it encourages students to think critically about drug and alcohol issues in broader society and how the decisions of individuals can have both subtle and accumulative effects on others – friends, family and community – as well as themselves.

The conversation pack is currently being mapped against the Australian Curriculum, is intended for all high school year levels, but teachers can also adapt the pack to suit students in late primary school. A bonus of the Smarter About Drugs: A conversation pack is its versatility to be used by Lions and Leos clubs at club meetings.

SMARTER ABOUT DRUGS: A conversation pack will be available for purchase via the ALDAF website later in 2016.

Enquiries and pre-orders can be emailed to the ALDAF Education Consultant, Brenda Hosking

(Australia21 is an independent think-tank for the public good which seeks to develop new insights into complex issues important to Australia’s future.)

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