Tune In Not Out (TINO) aims to passionately empower young Australian’s aged 14-25 with engaging, authentic and trusted health and wellbeing information to support them to navigate life’s challenges.

This is achieved via the website www.tuneinnotout.com, which features over 350 on-demand videos (growing weekly) across 80 topics such as: mental health, bullying, sexual health, drugs, relationships, body image and indigenous health. These videos are supported by factsheets, music, real stories, blogs and music.

TINO understands the importance of great content and great delivery in order to engage this notoriously difficult target audience, we achieve this by syndicating content from many sources into one central hub and delivering it in a consistent, appealing design including a space-saving interface that allows all forms of information to be instantly available.

With young people central to the website, TINO invites them to both join and create the community via an innovate multimedia commenting system allowing them to record and instantly playback video and audio content as well as uploading text and imagery to the site (moderated area), as well as write blogs and create music playlists.

Through the website TINO reaches 100,000’s of young people each year, helping them navigate through life’s challnges.

Award Winning

TINO has received international recognition for the website, winning major awards to stand alongside major youth brands. In November 2017 we were thrilled to be awarded a silver in the W3 Awards for the website after the completion of a major re-haul. The award was in the teen website category.  Over the years the the awards have been received across the categories of health, youth, information and design – summarising how well the project is working across these key areas.

TINO was also named as a best practice website for youth engagement in the 2013 Youth and Well CRC research report – such recognition from our peers lets us know as a foundation we are hitting the mark with the work we do.



Visit www.tuneinnotout.com