LCIF, Lions Quest and YOUR Club …

In 1984, Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) gave its first grant to Quest International to help expand the Quest program, forming the Lions Quest partnership. From that point, support of Lions Quest became a focus of LCIF’s service to young people throughout the world. For the next eighteen years, LCIF supported Quest at the organisational level through grants and technical collaboration, and at the local level through Lions Club involvement in community implementation of the program in schools.

LCIF took formal ownership of Lions Quest on September 30, 2002. To date, LCIF has awarded more than 360 grants for a cumulative total of more than $20 million to expand or establish Lions Quest programs across the United States and around the world. Since that time, the program has grown to include 40 languages in almost 100 countries across the globe. The programs have been implemented in Australia since 1988 when Skills for Adolescence was piloted in NSW secondary schools. The Australian edition of the updated F-8 curriculum is available in 2017.

Lions have been key to the success and expansion of Lions Quest, supporting the program through local funding, coordinating teacher training, speaking to young people, and undertaking joint service projects with schools.

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