Lions Quest Programs offer a whole-school approach to social and emotional wellbeing. In line with current educational literature in social and emotional learning, resilience and connectedness. Lions Quest programs empower teachers to:

  • build relationship-centred learning communities with high expectations for behaviour
  • use experiential learning approaches that include inclusive and interactive strategies
  • include reflection as an integral part of the learning process
  • recruit parents and community members as partners in promoting personal and social responsibility in young people.

Download our PDF brochure for further information. We are delighted to have Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce AC, Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia as our patron. We also have a great PowerPoint Presentation entitled: Lions Engagement Presentation which can be downloaded here [PowerPoint 6 MB].

Below is information regarding the available kits – please note these are only available to teachers and professionals who have attended an Accredited Lions Quest Quest Workshop, also detailed below.

Resource Kits

Skills for Growing (5-10 year olds)

Lions Quest GrowingIn addition to their responsibility for the intellectual development of their students, teachers and schools respond to an expectation to foster character, caring, responsibility, respect for others and healthy behaviours. That’s a demanding and vital role!

Now they don’t have to make a choice between their students’ academic learning and nurturing their character. Lions-Quest Skills for Growing helps create the kind of classroom environment essential for academic success and social and emotional well-being.

Curriculum Resources

6 comprehensive teaching kits (Grades K-5), 5 unit topics:

  • Building a School Community;
  • Growing as a Group;
  • Making Positive Decisions;
  • Growing Up Healthy;
  • Celebrating You and Me.

Together Times: Student-family activity books, colourful 4-booklet set for each grade level

The Family Connection: A Guide to Leading Parent Meetings, this is an in-depth resource filled with checklists, ideas, and procedures for creating a positive school climate through school-wide activities.

Cost: $132 please contact us for further information on how to order. Download our PDF brochure for further information

Skills for Adolescence (11 to 14 year olds)

Lions Quest AdolesenceSkills for Adolescence can be taught in the last year of primary school, in the junior secondary years, or across a middle school.

The program can be offered independently, or taught within existing subjects such as Studies of Society and Environment, Health, Patoral Care, Personal Development, Religious Education or Integrated Studies. Possible contexts for implementation will vary across states and school systems.

The program covers learning to resolve conflicts, strengthen peer and family relationships, develop multicultural understanding and build self-confidence are just a few of the many life skills students learn in Lions-Quest Skills for Adolescence.
The program targets the early adolescent years (ages 11-14).

The Program provides:

  •  Explanation of the philosophy and research behind Skills for Adolescence
  • Detailed background information for teachers

The resource is broken into teaching units, with 7 comprehensive, flexible units with 100 effective skill-building sessions.

  • Unit 1: Entering the teen years: The journey adolescence.
  • Unit 2: Building self-confidence and communication skills.
  • Unit 3: Managing emotions in positive ways.
  • Unit 4: Improving peer relationships.
  • Unit 5: Strengthening family relationships.
  • Unit 6: Making healthy choices.
  • Unit 7: Setting goals for healthy living.

Skills for Adolescence provides a step-by-step guide for engaging students in service-learning. Service-learning projects promote cooperation, caring and concern for others and help make subject matter real and relevant as young people use their knowledge and skills to contribute in their school and community.

Changes and Challenges CD, this CD contains everything students need – stories, worksheets, diagrams, project ideas, and more

Cost: $143 please contact us for further information on how to order. Download our PDF brochure for further information

Accredited Lions Quest Workshop

lions quest teacher trainingOur one-day accreditation workshop immerses participants in the principles, processes and content of the program. The training may focus on just one of the teaching programs (Skills for Growing or Skills for Adolescence).  Other variations include a combination workshop which covers both programs, while individual participants focus on the program of their choice.

The busy day models a range of classroom strategies and provides opportunities for participants to experience a variety of program components. Participants work in groups to:

  • consider elements of an effective learning community;
  • review program materials;
  • plan and present sample program activities.

“How can a school community best support the development of young people who are respectful, responsible and resilient?”

This is the central question which is considered and revisited throughout the day. Participants spend some time planning their school or classroom implementation… and leave the training day with a clear idea of what they will do first.

Please contact us for further details about our workshops