The foundation’s positive body image and self esteem campaign

Fresh Faced Friday is a concept which was developed by a group of young people involved in the ABC Heywire program back in 2013, and had since grown each year to reach more young people Australia wide, sparking conversations and sharing information and support about body image.

Download our Fresh Faced Friday project profile PDF – ideal to print out and hand to a school or community group who may like to get involved. Download the FFF PDF here.

Initially, it was through a FRRR ABC Heywire Youth Innovation Grants that ALDAF and TINO were able to develop FFF into a reality for it’s first year.  Creating a day full of celebrating being who we want to be judgement free. Since the inaugural first year, ALDAF have proudly continued to fund Fresh Faced Friday, to ensure this great project can continue to reach young people.

With schools, community group and individuals getting involved across Australia, a whole lot of body and self positivity was spread on the day.

Each year in September, Fresh Faced Friday invites everyone to  ‘Tear Up’ the negative and get body positive – join us this year on 7th September 2018/

What is body image?

Body image is your attitude towards your body – how you see yourself, how you think and feel about the way you look and how you think others perceive you.

Feeling good about your self and your body image is important because people who do will generally have a higher level of physical and psychological health, and better personal development, impacting on many other areas of our life such as self esteem, outlook on life, self-acceptance and relationships.

Fresh Faced Friday’s #freshfacedfriday “Tear It Up” campaign is about making sure the positive gets much more airtime in our minds and conversation than the negative – allowing us to feel comfortable in who we are.

Visit the Fresh Faced Friday website and find out more.