The foundation has a number of key projects across the areas of alcohol and other drugs, as well as youth health.

Educational Resources
Each year we provide schools and community organisations with thousands of resources related to alcohol and other drugs, as well broader health issues. These are now available via our online shop. Find Out More
3D Alcohol & Other Drugs Video Series
Our 3D video series covers; Alcohol and the Brain, ICE and just released Alcohol and Depression. These videos have been sold nationally and internationally, receiving many awards for their innovation and content, with app versions also being released. Find out more
Tune In Not Out
Tune In Not Out, otherwise know as TINO is a youth health and wellbeing website. The foundation has won numerous awards for this project that brings content for over 80 topics, from mental to sexual health, into one central location to help young people navigate life's challenges. Find out more
Lions Quest
Lions Quest Programs offer a whole-school approach to social and emotional wellbeing. In line with current educational literature in social and emotional learning, resilience and connectedness. Find Out More