Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 11.21.42 amOur youth health wellbeing website turns 10 this year and to celebrate we are pleased to announce that in April 2017 a new look TINO will be launched. Over it’s 10 years TINO has won awards and recognition for both it’s design and content, delivering young people information in a range of formats on over 70 topics, but a lot has happened in technology advancements including the popularity of mobile and tablet devices in recent years. We have recognised that whilst the content on TINO is still relevant and regularly updated, the functionality of the website needed to be improved to meet the needs of the current day user “the new design will serve the content to the user in such a way that it encourages further exploration” said Lynsey McLeod, Senior Project Officer “whilst also being responsive to multi screen sizes.”

TINO delivers youth focused content on topics such as depression, sexuality, alcohol and other drugs, exam stress and more. The key areas factsheets, stories, videos and music will remain central to the design, as will a new teachers area to house the worksheets and resources which were launched last year to assist teacher to deliver topics such as body image, alcohol, bullying and hepatitis C to students as part of their health and wellbeing studies.

ALDAF are delighted to once again utilise the services of Dave Shering and his team at Handbuilt Creative based in Tasmania for the redesign. Handbuilt Creative have been involved in TINO since the conception stage, and as such have a deep understanding of what the website aims to achieve, as well as the audience we are striving to delivery content too.

Keep an eye on TINO Facebook page for updates and perhaps even a fewsneak peaks

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