WHAT is Lions Quest?

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum for Foundation to Year 8.

And WHAT separates Lions Quest from other SEL programs?

Skills for Adolescence (F-6) and Skills for Growing (6-8) equip children and young people with skills for their future lives as friends, family members, students and employees, with the skills to:

  • solve problems and make decisions
  • work independently and in a team
  • communicate effectively with a variety of people
  • lead and motivate others
  • demonstrate perseverance and a strong work ethic.

These highly acclaimed programs are included in the CASEL and Be You/Beyond Blue program guides.

WHY would a school adopt Lions Quest?

As schools increase their focus on student wellbeing and recognise the importance of SEL, many are searching for the perfect SEL curriculum. Skills for Growing and Skills for Adolescence have many benefits for schools and teachers including:

  • explicit lessons to develop personal and social capability
  • all lessons mapped to the Australian curriculum
  • strong evidence base
  • free student materials on a USB
  •  additional support materials on www.lionsquest.org.au

HOW can schools access Skills for Growing and Skills for Adolescence?

A one-day teacher professional learning activity equips teachers to implement the program in their classrooms and at a whole school level. The training day costs $198 and a year–level curriculum kit sells at $99. The cost may be reduced if there is Lions sponsorship available.


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