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Excellent moving advert with Lions Jim Farrelly and Robert Wolfe from Red Cliffs Lions Club

The Lions Club of Red Cliffs in the Sunraysia area of Victoria has joined with the entire community to try and educate young people and the community about the dangers of ICE. They have provided assistance to allow the back of a local school bus to be painted highlighting these problems (see picture). The bus will maintain this advertisement for the next eight months.

What a great effort for a community to get together to do something positive for the local young people.

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Northern Mallee Community Partnership executive Rob McGlashan thanking the Red Cliffs Lions Club President, Robert Wolfe, for their support.

This effort as part of Project Ice, which is a partnership of police, council, health services and now Lions, have made some 27 presentations since last October to community groups and schools in the area. They aim to highlight the very present danger of ICE or methamphetamine to the community.

The Lions Club has also arranged to obtain from the Foundation a number of copies of the superb DVD on ICE that was produced by 3Dme on the Gold Coast and distributed by the Lions Drug Awareness Foundation. The Foundation congratulates this Lions Club and their local community for their efforts in this area.

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