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ALDAF Chairmens DenAs mentioned in our last newsletter, 2017 was ramping up to be one of the most exciting years in the history of “The Foundation” with the presentation of our Major Projects at our AGM, held as part of our National Convention in Hobart in May 2017.

The first presentation was an upgraded version of our Website that had served us well over the last decade. Our thanks to Lynsey , our TINO Project Officer, and Dave Shearing from Handbuilt Creative for this excellent finished product which was given the green light at the meeting by our Directors and Consultants. (Well done Team). Please ensure you all read the article in this edition.

On Friday 5th May 2017 at Convention our Lions Quest Consultant Donna Munro was a speaker presenting the re-launch of the Quest Program that had been remodelled to suit our Australian needs. A great presentation Donna, very enlightening.

Our Consultant, Brenda Hosking has been very active with our Community Initiative Project, GRANTS, with the latest grant of $1,000 for the Leighland Christian School (Tasmania) for an Inter-Generational Music Program with Umina Park Aged Care.

Our networking with our Communities is working very well. In the early days of The Foundation, many years ago (early 1980’s), the Reverend Ted Knoffs from the Wayside Chapel in Sydney addressed a Community Meeting organised by Lions. His focus had a strong view on prevention.

Our friends from the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education have featured this article 6th June 2017.

Here is an extract from that Article

Be at the forefront of change and invest in prevention Alcohol contributes to the three leading causes of death among young people – unintentional injuries, homicide and suicide. And alcohol is responsible for the majority of drug-related hospitalisations and deaths for people aged 15 – 34 years.

Yet, every day, young Australians are indoctrinated into an unhealthy and dangerous culture by a sneaky and underhanded alcohol industry – and our governments are letting it happen.

We know that drinking can adversely affect a young person’s developing brain, particularly the frontal region responsible for self-regulation and impulse control, not to mention the long-term harm that alcohol causes. It is vital to ensure that advertising does not promote alcohol to young people at such a vulnerable age.

Also, our friends from the Local Drug Action Team Program are encouraging to help form a Local Drug Action Team in your Community.

May I take the opportunity to thank our Foundation Team.

Please continue your support to the Foundation as we work towards “Creating a happier, healthier and safer community”

David Daniels OAM


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