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ALDAF Chairmens DenOn behalf of the Board of Directors and Consultants may we wish all our readers a Healthy and Happy New Year. 2017 was a developing year for the Foundation and a lot of high quality advice was passed on to our Lions Family and Community readership.

The promotion of our resources  continued to be very popular, in particular with outside organisations who take up these items. This type of information is invaluable to our young people. It also shows the community that Lions is active in this vital area.

The Foundation is really delighted to have received Silver trophy of the W3 Awards recognising the power of web creativity. This is for the update of the TINO site to adapt to smart phones and tablets. We thank Handbuilt Creative and Lynsey McLeod for their efforts.

Since the foundation took the step to reform our Consultants group they continue to take a broad look at the Foundation’s work and our future directions. The Consultants group consists of three very experienced ladies who are experts in their fields. This goes along with our philosophy to continue to look at wider issues in this area and develop programs to assist our Clubs and their members in their own communities.

Our November board meeting incorporated the groups meeting allowing them to brainstorm the foundations focus. From the meeting the group recommended that the key project areas for ALDAF started to work together more cohesively rather than solo projects, because as a combined group the various projects can offer schools and community groups a wide range of support in the areas of youth health and alcohol and other drug education.

So in 2018 you will start to see the foundation bring you our Fact Sheets of the main projects for reaching the communities you work with, whether that be life skills training to help young people as they navigate life, through to alcohol and other drug information resources, to TINO and Fresh Faced Friday for in class activities on health issues to community initiatives supporting schools and communities to take a concept designed to enhance the wellbeing of their communities and make it happen. The first two Fact Sheets are attached to this edition of the newsletter. We firmly believe this will support our mission to ‘Create a happier, healthier and safer community’

David Daniels OAM


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