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As you will read in this article, The Foundation is excited to reignite the partnership with the Tasmanian Based Drug Education Network, formerly known as Lions DEN. The partnership goes

back over some 30 years and our Foundation has been an important stakeholder with D.E.N.

Our No. 1 goal is –

To provide the highest quality advice, guidance and service tothe Lions Family and their Communities on Education in respect of Drug and Alcohol abuse prevention.

The DEN’s contribution to our resources will keep The Foundation at the cutting edge. Please read the article on the Resource Partnership and I encourage you to visit the ALDAF an DEN

website. They are the engine rooms that drives our organisation.

One of our other stakeholders, The Foundation for Alcohol

Research and Education, is conducting the Australian Health Promotion Association Symposium 2018.

Better Practice, Better Placed is the theme of the Australian Health Promotion Association Symposium 2018, which will be held on 23-24 August at Old Parliament House in Canberra.

Australia has a rapidly growing ageing and diverse population. Along with substantial ecological, political, economic and social change that has led to broad and complex health needs and


The symposium will explore these challenges and identify opportunities that contribute to building sustainable and liveable places with equitable opportunities and a healthy planet for all, for now, and into the future.

Our Foundation is pleased to recommend and support this important event.

Again, please check out the ALDAF, TINO and DEN website. They contain a wealth of information that is current and is helping us in “Creating a happier, healthier and safer community”

David Daniels OAM


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