ALDAF, through its Community Initiatives Project, was one of a number of supporters helping the Anglesea Lions Club to conduct a 3 day camp for disadvantaged students from the greater Geelong region.

The aim of the camp was to encourage local Indigenous students and young refugees to make authentic connections with their community and to develop their self-worth through participating in activities they normally would not have the opportunity to try.

Mountain bike riding, paddle boarding, canoeing, ropes courses and group activities challenged the participants’ fitness, physical and team skills. Friends were made with students from other school campuses.

Tom McGrath, Indigenous Education Project Portfolio Coordinator, Anglesea Lions Club, reported the students developed a better understanding of themselves and greater leadership skills. Teachers and school leaders were impressed the camp participants were more confident as individuals and more engaged with school in the weeks following. An unexpected outcome of the camp was the networking between the ATSI support workers and coordinators from the various school campuses. All parties are asking for an annual camp for middle-school students, plus additional alternative activities as a follow-up for the inaugural participants.

The Anglesea Lions Club was motivated by the Lions motto “Live to make a Difference”. The success of this first project has inspired the Club to ask if there are other ways Lions Clubs in the District, State and even at National level, can support the education of ATSI students.

For more details about the camp program and the ‘business case’ which has been developed to support ATSI students improve their education outcomes, please contact the Anglesea Lions, Box “B”, 32 Murray St, ANGLESEA, VIC 3230 or call the ALDAF Education Consultant, Brenda Hosking on 0418 859 007.


1. Small grants up to $1000 are available to Lions Clubs, schools and community groups wishing to conduct local cross-generation activities which engage young people.


Contact Brenda Hosking, ALDAF Education Consultant & Community Initiatives Project Co-ordinator on (mob) 0418 859 007 or (email)

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