For over 30 years ALDAF and The Drug Education shared history and key milestones through the development of resources to inform community on a range of Alcohol and Other Drug issues.

David Daniels, ALDAF Chairman and Shirleyann Varney, DEN CEO are delighted to reignite the partnership to once again see these two passionate and informed organisations distribute and develop resources.

“There will be two aspect to the partnership” said David Daniels “Firstly distribution, ALDAF will shortly offer a range of DEN produced resources to Lions Clubs, School and Community Groups through our resources shop providing an immediate expansion to the range of resources available. Secondly, the partnership will see us work together to produce a suite of information pamphlets on a range of alcohol and other drug topics such as safe partying, cannabis, smoking and more.”

“DEN prevents harm from drugs through education for healthier, inclusive thriving communities and this renewed partnership with ALDAF will further extend our reach and impact in our local communities,” said Shirleyann Varney. “The DEN is pleased to be able to contribute to the development of a suite of evidence-based resources for communities and looks forward to working together to tackle issues from harmful drug use.”

As new resources become available the online shop ( will be updated and promoted via our facebook page

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