Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation ALDAF

Promoting our youth project and the Young People and Drugs Conference

Our foundation’s mission is to develop, promote and educate the community through the Lions Drug Awareness initiatives and to encourage clubs and individual Lions to promote these initiatives within the community.

We are working to create a happier, healthier and safer community.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the Foundation is to promote awareness and prevention of abuse of alcohol and other drugs.

The objectives of the Foundation are to:-

  • Promote awareness of alcohol and other drug abuse especially the factors predisposing it;
  • Develop education and prevention activities, especially in local communities;
  • Participate in campaigns in line with the aim of the Foundation;
  • Actively promote and support counselling and rehabilitation programmes.


The Foundation, which is totally owned and controlled by those Lions, Lioness and Leo Clubs of Multiple District 201 who have become constituent members, is run by a Board of Directors elected by the members. Each year at the Multiple District Convention a number of these directors come up for re-election. The Foundation has also been granted the use of the Lion Badge by Lions Clubs International.


The foundation currently runs a number of innovative and award winning projects:

  • Tune In Not Out a youth health and wellbeing website
  • 3D Videos – a video series that take a look inside the body in relation to alcohol and other drugs
  • Community grants – helping organisations run local events
  • Alcohol and other drugs resources

Visit our projects page to find out more.


The Foundation is primarily charged with the development and provision of suitable drug awareness resources and materials for use, in their own local communities, by Lions, Lioness and Leo Clubs of Multiple District 201. In addition it seeks to involve the wider community in the work that the Lions of Australia, Papua New Guinea and Norfolk Island are doing in this most difficult field. These are all available for purchase via our online resource shop.

 History of ALDAF

The Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation Incorporated was founded in 1984 as the Lions – ADFA Foundation Inc and was a joint project between the Lions of Australia, Papua New Guinea and Norfolk Island and the Alcohol and Drug Foundation Australia. There were members on the Council from both organisations. In 1989 it was resolved to cease the joint venture and the current ALDAF was endorsed by the Darwin Multiple District Convention in 1990. We continue to have some of the original ADFA representatives on the Board, but they are now honorary consultants.